For Valentine's Day, discover our Laces & Cufflinks matching sets !

          . Click here to discover The Chic sets: waxed cotton laces with matching cufflinks,

          . Click to see The City sets: sneaker laces with colour-coordinated "barrel",

          . Here for The Trios: 2 pairs of laces and their two-tone cufflinks.

The preparation and delivery costs are offered for the purchase of one of these sets.

Petit détail Gift card

Petit détail Gift card

  • SFr. 15.00

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Our values

• French production and quality

All Petit détail are "made in France". To learn more, we invite you to read the article "Your 100% Made in France laces" of our blog.

• A unique catalogue

All our laces are designed by us and produced specially for Petit détail.

• Make the difference

We offer you a subtle way to express your personality and to brighten up your day!

Create your own laces!

We help you to create your own laces to bring an original, unique and memorable touch to your event (wedding, birthday, seminar, bachelor/bachelorette party...).

To do so, only 4 steps are needed :

1- you complete this form by indicating your desires (model, colours, quantity)

2- we send you a quote and inform you of the deadlines

3- your laces are produced specially for you in the West of France

4- you receive your customed laces.

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