Our values

• French production and quality

All Petit détail are "Made in France". To learn more, we invite you to read the article "Your 100% Made in France laces" of our blog.

• A unique catalogue

All our laces are designed by us and produced specially for Petit détail.

• Make the difference

We offer you a subtle way to express your personality and to brighten up your day!

Pimp my Dad! • Father's Day 2020

Create your own laces!

We help you to create your own laces to bring an original, unique and memorable touch to your event (wedding, birthday, seminar, bachelor/bachelorette party...).

To do so, only 4 steps are needed :

1- you complete this form by indicating your desires (model, colours, quantity)

2- we send you a quote and inform you of the deadlines

3- your laces are produced specially for you in the West of France

4- you receive your customed laces.

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